Moreover, tests can be executed using SpecFlow+ Runner, which is SpecFlow’s own test runner that comes with advanced options and reports in the HTML, XML, and JSON formats. SpecFlow is an open-source version of Cucumber for the .Net framework. Using SpecFlow with Selenium C#, BDD tests can be generated using the Gherkin language and executed using the NUnit test framework. It can also be used with other test frameworks like MSTest, xUnit, etc. Feature files are simple text files that contain Features and Scenarios. As Gherkin is used in this SpecFlow tutorial, creation of feature files does not require any technical know-how.

Another security-focused solution, Checkmarx, has several modular utilities designed to scan and test your source code for potential security vulnerabilities. The first is the Static Application Security Testing software that flexibly scans your source code during development and provides insights to resolve any identified issues. Selenium Webdriver is the web automation testing suite and supports C#, Ruby, Java, Python, and Javascript. Selenium IDE provides the script creation platform with browser integration and supports Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. Ranorex Studio Another UI testing platform built for both new and experienced DevOps teams. The software can be easily integrated with any major CI/CD pipeline suite and has a comprehensive support base.


Behavior Driven Development is sort of an extension of TDD . TDD is a programming practice where developers write code only if the automation tests have failed. BDD is about having conversations and discussions between the different teams in the project so that all of them share an understanding of the feature requirements.

Teams repeatedly saved time by thinking before coding and specifying before testing. They built higher quality into features from the beginning, and they stopped before working on half-baked stories with unjustified value propositions. Developers who participated in these behavior-driven practices were also more likely to automate Boa tests on their own. Furthermore, one of PrecisionLender’s developers loved BDD practices so much that he joined the team of SETs! Through Gherkin, SpecFlow provided a foundation that enabled quality work to shift left. SpecFlow+ LivingDoc enabled the PrecisionLender team to turn Gherkin feature files into living documentation.

Business Readable Automated Tests with SpecFlow 2.0

Katalon is built for integration in mind and has several modular options to expand on the capabilities of the base software. However, the most important for your purposes will be the Runtime Engine package, designed to add CI/CD pipeline capabilities. SoapUI Testing software specifically for API development, allowing you to create virtual API environments. The software itself is free but requires a premium upgrade to support CI/CD pipeline integration. Selenium A free, open-source testing framework that can provide in-depth test scripting capabilities if you have the coding know-how, with full CI/CD pipeline integration.

It is hosted on GitHub and the source-code of SpecFlow can be found here. You can make use of SpecFlow for defining, managing, and executing human-readable acceptance tests in .Net projects. As I promised above in this SpecFlow tutorial, time to dive into Gherkin. Feature files in Gherkin are plain simple txt files (with .feature extension) that can contain one or many scenarios depending on the test being performed. A feature file should only have only one feature but can have ‘N’ number of scenarios.

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SpecFlow increases the amount of efficient collaboration, by using the BDD approach, and hence it reduces the time of development. It is a strategy to build conversations among different teams of the project to unite towards identifying users’ stories. Integrates with Jira, FogBugz, Bugzilla, Assembla, TFS, GitHub, Ranorex Studio, and many other tools.

Since this requires a lot of hard work, I built the NuGet package FunkyBDD.SxS.Selenium.WebElement, which provides all basic properties and methods as a base class. For a new code block for a step, the cursor can be placed on the step in the Gherkin file and pressed. This copies the basic structure of the glue code to the clipboard.

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Using a threat library customized on a per-project basis, you can perform security testing and generate comprehensive threat models. The utility can also scan your environment to identify where security controls are missing and automatically perform identified threat mitigation. Specflow is entirely free and open-source and can be installed through the Specflow website or as a plugin for Visual Studio.

automated software testing with specflow

He is very active with the startup community in Bengaluru and loves interacting with passionate founders on his personal blog (which he has been maintaining since last 15+ years). He currently works as the ‘Lead Developer Evangelist’ and ‘Senior Manager ’ at LambdaTest. Automation testing with Selenium Grid has scalability issues hence, it is recommended to use remote Selenium Grid for improved test coverage. By doing minimal changes in the existing local Selenium WebDriver implementation, existing tests can be ported to a more scalable Remote Selenium Grid.

Tools For BDD Testing

However, a client and server version are there is a client version and server version available. You will need a fully installed server version to enable proper CI/CD pipeline integration. Appium is the equivalent of Selenium but for testing mobile applications. What’s more, it can integrate with Selenium to expand your web browser testing capabilities to include mobile browsers. In addition, the framework is free and open-source and has a substantial body of documentation and support. ThreatModeler As the name might imply, this software solution is built for threat modeling and security vulnerability detection and mitigation.

automated software testing with specflow

The test scripts are prepared in a class based on the test scenarios created. Later these test scripts can be executed as unit tests using NUnit what is specflow or MTest. SpecFlow can be integrated with a number of IDEs including Visual Studio, SharpDevelop and MonoDevelop to roll out automated testing.

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Katalon is a free automated testing solution designed for general-purpose UI testing. The software can allow you to create elaborate automated scripts, often without any prior scripting experience. In addition, you can use the recording tools to create automated CI/CD testing parameters and take advantage of the IDE and numerous options for advanced purposes. Astra’s Pentest is a comprehensive penetration testing solution with an intelligent automated vulnerability scanner coupled with in-depth manual pentesting. Astra offers an interactive pentest dashboard that the user can use to visualize vulnerability analyses, assign vulnerabilities to team members, and collaborate with security experts. Automatic migration of your existing test scenarios (MS Excel, Word…) in 48 hours for a quick and easy onboarding.

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