Our sober living home in CA is a beachfront property facing the picturesque Venice Beach and decked out with all the amenities you could ever want to kickstart your sober living journey. In fact, recovery is a process, and it is one that can be more intense at times and less at others. You will be working on this process for a long time, and you need to decide what support you need during each part of your recovery. So, residents get assigned house chores and are encouraged to participate in activities outside the house. Personal transportation can be used in this phase but only for important reasons. Residents return home, attend house meetings, relax by watching television or playing games, gist with one another, eat dinner and go to bed.

how long can you stay in a sober living house

Those recovering from drug or alcohol abuse can experience many stressors and triggers in their daily lives that can potentially lead to relapse. Skills learned during treatment as well as living Selecting the Most Suitable Sober House for Addiction Recovery in an environment free from drugs and alcohol can help contribute to maintaining sobriety. Sober homes are great for individuals that want to live in a supportive, drug-free community.

Freestanding SLHs

Sober living houses have structured schedules, meetings, and rules to help promote a positive environment free from temptation and distractions. However, sober living homes can provide a supportive environment to transition from a substance-abusing lifestyle to becoming sober and accountable. Sober living homes are invaluable resources for people looking for a “middle step” between residential treatment and going home. Each sober living house is distinct, so knowing the house rules when entering a sober living home will help sober living residents understand what to anticipate before arriving. Daily life in a halfway house is more structured compared to sober living homes, where residents have more freedom with how they spend their time outside the house.

how long can you stay in a sober living house

That aside, sober living homes are very strict as regards the above items. Next, there are some items and belongings you may best generally avoid. Some sober living homes might be lenient about them, but you should ensure that in advance. At this stage, the resident is confident enough in their sobriety skills that they are ready to move out of the sober living home.


One of the greatest benefits of sober living houses over other recovery options is there aren’t any time constraints on your stay. You can stay as long as you need the extra support and can afford the stay. The truth is some people – even though they might complete detox and rehab – simply aren’t ready to make the full transition back into routine life. Either way, a sober living facility provides the necessary foundation. Consider asking folks at a recovery meeting or touching base with any sober friends you may have. If you recently completed a treatment program, contact the staff there for referrals to local sober living homes.

If you and your treatment team feel that you’re ready to leave your sober living home, they can assist you in planning your transition and making sure it’s a positive and successful step in your recovery. Rediscovering the joys of life without chemical abuse is part of healthy recovery and can be found within the structure and stability of a sober living facility. By making home a place of healing, you can build the life you want and deserve through personal commitment and thriving community support.

How Do You Find a Sober-Living Home?

Our study found positive longitudinal outcomes for 300 individuals living in two different types of SLHs, which suggests they might be an effective option for those in need of alcohol- and drug-free housing. Improvements were noted in alcohol and drug use, arrests, psychiatric symptoms and employment. Although criminal justice referred residents had alcohol and drug use outcomes that were similar to other residents, they had a harder time finding and keeping work and had higher rearrest rates.

Some sober-living facilities are only offered for as long as you are in the treatment program. For others, you can remain in a sober-living environment after treatment is completed. We try to provide current information but cannot monitor every recovery home listing and do not guarantee the accuracy of listings.

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