What Is Natural Language Understanding?

One of the most compelling applications of NLU in B2B spaces is sentiment analysis. Utilizing deep learning algorithms, businesses can comb through social media, news articles, & customer reviews to gauge public sentiment about a product or a brand. But advanced NLU takes this further by dissecting the tonal subtleties that often go unnoticed in […]

7 Phases Of The System Improvement Life Cycle Guide

Whether you’re delving into iOS improvement or working on various platforms, a strong design section is the linchpin of profitable software. In the early phases of software growth, as pc systems began to grow in complexity, there was a transparent need for a structured method to handle the chaos. From requirement evaluation to design, implementation, […]

A Cloud-Native Environment for Distributed Automotive Software Development AWS for Industries

The second element of the solution is test-driven development and automation, a process in which tests are defined before coding starts and then automatically run after code integra­tion. Software designers and developers—not a separate testing department—refine and iterate the tests during the development process with customers. This approach compels developers to consider how to use […]

Whos Who on a Software Development Team? A Beginners Guide

The term DevOps refers to the terms “development” and “operations”. DevOps professionals are versatile technical specialists who keep the software program running. They start by creating a stable environment for the software developers to build in. They also optimize and streamline the process of building software, making it faster and easier for developers to get […]

Finest Retail Management Software Program 2023 To Speed Up 2x Operations

Jane Wright, owner of Floorplay Socks, knows full well just how important well-trained workers are. She credits the success of their business partly to having a robust team. “With Lightspeed, we’re saving a lot of time in the reconciliation course of. We’re also saving a lot of money in fees, and it’s made the business […]

starting out with ui automation using specflow

Moreover, tests can be executed using SpecFlow+ Runner, which is SpecFlow’s own test runner that comes with advanced options and reports in the HTML, XML, and JSON formats. SpecFlow is an open-source version of Cucumber for the .Net framework. Using SpecFlow with Selenium C#, BDD tests can be generated using the Gherkin language and executed […]